Industrial Partners

An important part of the training associated with our program will be to place students at U.S. companies and national laboratories having strong involvement with coherent optical phenomena. We anticipate such visits would last for 2 to 3 months, perhaps in the summer, but with sufficient flexibility that they are mutually agreeable and simultaneously sufficiently long to allow the student to gain from the experience. We have made arrangements with Dr. Matt Goodman at Telecordia (who will also serve on our Advisory Committee), Dr. Gary Wiederrecht (who leads the Nanophotonics effort at the new Nanoscience Research Facility) at Argonne National Laboratory, Dr. Carl J. Williams (Chief, Atomic Physics Division, Coordinator of the Quantum Information Program) at NIST and Dr. Raymond Beausoleil at the HP Laboratories. All have agreed to host IGERT students in their laboratories (for support letters from these laboratories see Supplementary Documents); there is also a strong possibility that some cost shearing may accompany these appointments in the form of stipends while working at these institutions.

More information on the nationwide IGERT program is available at their website.

The current website is still under construction. More information will be added as it is available.

For immediate questions, please e-mail J.B. Ketterson.